The Amazing Magical Time Clock

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Yes, I Have Internet Access at the Office

Updating AMClock is easy!

You will need access to the internet. Run AMClock. Go into administrator mode. Select Help | Update AMClock from the pull down.

Our web site will inform you if you need to update AMClock. Just follow the instructions.

No Internet Access at the Office

These instructions are for people that do not have access to the internet at their office, but do have access somewhere else.

If you would like to download the update to a floppy or some other portable media click download (file size 200-300k). Depending on your browser you will see a dialog with "Open" or "Save". Select "Save". Now select the destination for the file (a: drive).

To install the update simply run the file (amupdate.exe) on the desired system. You will see a dialog titled "AMclock Update Setup: Installation Options". Click the "Next" button in the lower right corner. Then the "Install" button. Then the "Close" button.

Presto (continuing with the magical theme), you have updated AMClock!

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