Birth of AMClock

My wife went to work for a dentist.  One of her jobs was to do payroll.  They used a mechanical punch card system that printed the time in hourly format.  At first it took approximately 4 hours to do payroll.  The dentist was pleased because previously it had taken 6 hours.  After the first few payroll periods my wife got very good at doing payroll.  She knocked off another hour and could now process payroll in 3 hours.  Everybody was pleased!  Employees liked getting their check earlier and the dentist liked the idea that it did not take so long (he pays her by the hour)!

Then one weekend . . . her husband (computer programmer) was helping her at the office.  She asked him to figure the time for payroll.  This involved taking the time cards, converting all the time pairs to decimal, then calculating the difference and then adding to produce totals.  And then she said, "Make sure you do it twice."  Do it twice!  The numbers had to be accurate.  Half way through the "twice" stuff the husband quit.  He apparently did not have the stamina of his wife for doing payroll.

As the husband looked up from the adding machine he noticed two computers within his sight.  He walked around the office and notice they had a total of 8 computers.  One of them was a dedicated server.  He thought - why are you doing payroll this way?  If ever there was an application for computers this is it!  He told his wife that on Monday when he got to work he was going to look for a INEXPENSIVE piece of software (shareware) that would keep track of the employee's hourly time.

On Monday he looked and looked.  There was plenty of software out there but it wasn't inexpensive!  And that is how AMClock was born. 

I don't have much stamina for writing stories either!

Oh!  I almost forgot the most important part.  It now takes 7 minutes for my wife to process payroll.  That includes printing the checks with QuickBooks.  AMClock exports to QuickBooks.  They don't use a payroll company.