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Download 11.2 meg Win 9x,Me,NT,2000,XP

Installation Instructions

Single Computer

Download the installation package.  Due to the size of the download, it is recommended that you save this file to your hard drive (you may even burn it to a CD if you have this capability). Run the saved file "setup.exe" . Use the default "Automatic" install type. Follow the install program instructions until completed.

Depending on your operating system, you will receive differing instructions. If the install program prompts you to reboot your system, go ahead and reboot. As the system restarts it should restart the install program. If the install program does not automatically restart, start it again manually. Continue until the installation program has completed. Close the install program.

After a successful install you should see a "sun" icon on your desktop. Click the icon. AMClock will now run for the first time. You will be prompted for an administrator pin or password (6-10 characters or numbers). Remember this pin! With this pin you are now the administrator for AMClock!

To find out how to use AMClock, click on the Help | Content pull down. This is the help manual for AMClock.

You now have 45 days to evaluate AMClock. If find that AMClock has value for your office or business, you will need to purchase and register the product. This procedure is explained on the purchase page.


You will need to purchase and register AMClock to use it's network capability.

Read the instructions for the "Single Computer" installation (above).

Pick one of the computers in your office to be the "server". In order for AMClock to operate correctly, the server has to be on! It is nice if this computer is secure (the people that use it can be trusted). Install AMClock on the server just as if you were installing AMClock on a "Single Computer". Now purchase and register the software.

In order to automatically install a workstation you will first need to share the AMClock directory on the server machine. The default location for this folder is found at C:\Program Files\AMClock. Using the My Computer or Explore utility, locate this directory and share it as a network resource. Right click on the folder and select "Sharing and Security. . ." (may say something different depending on the operating system). Make sure you give full rights to the folder (on an XP system it would say "Allow network users to change my files"). Also make sure that the resource is named "AMClock".

To install a "workstation", run the same installation package on the workstation, but this time use the "Network Workstation" instead of the "Automatic" install type. Towards the end of the installation you will see a dialog called "Create Shortcut". This program will find the AMClock server and create a shortcut on your desktop. Close the install program. You can now use AMClock by clicking on the "sun" icon on you desktop.

Network Technical

AMClock networks in a peer to peer mode.  The workstation will communicate with the server by writing, reading, and excuting the files on the server. These files are located in the shared resource folder 'AMClock' which is usually C:\Program Files\AMClock.

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